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Proofreading Jobs

Prospect Solution offers academics the chance to work on freelance proofreading jobs. Read on if you would like to find out more about this opportunity!

What are proofreaders?
Proofreaders review written pieces as well as verify the final versions of the said written piece. A proofreader can work on several items such as books, articles, documents, translations and website contents. Proofreaders are different from editors and copy editors; proofreaders simply review the work whereas editors make more substantial changes to a written piece.

Who uses proofreading services?
Generally, most of the users of proofreading services are newspapers, magazine publications, and publishing houses.

How does one become a proofreader?
Almost anyone can progress into working as a proofreader; however, the process may be made easier if you get yourself a guide. There are several online guides that can be found on various websites. You may also refer to books specialising in freelance proofreading and editing.

What skills are required to become a proofreader?
No formal education or qualification is required. To become a proofreader, you need to have the following:
Keen attention to detail
Some IT skills
Excellent knowledge of the English Language
You have the option of taking up short proofreading courses. Take note though, that relevant experience may be required, especially if you are looking to take a role or assignment that specialises in proofreading.

Are proofreading jobs readily available?
There is a fair amount of proofreading jobs available; however, the competition for these projects or assignments is tough. Proofreaders who correspond closely to the project’s proofreading requirements generally have a better chance at securing the assignment. If you get the job, you have the option of working as a freelance proofreader; proofreading jobs performed in-house are rather rare.

Will working as a self employed or freelance proofreader be beneficial to me?
Being self-employed presents certain benefits and advantages. One obvious advantage is having the flexibility of controlling your daily schedule; however, being in such a situation imposes certain responsibilities and obligations pertaining to the submission of your annual tax return.
There are also some drawbacks to being self-employed. One would be the lack of benefits employment normally provided such as pension schemes, sick pays and medical insurance coverage, among others.
There are many opinions regarding the state of being self-employed. Some say that only a few can survive working solely as freelance writers and proofreaders; if one intends to be practical, it is recommended that these kinds of occupations be considered only as additional means of earning income.
With the right approach, however, a freelance proofreading job can become very rewarding.

What are the probable freelance proofreading rates?
As per the STEP 2008 guidelines, the average rate varies starting from about £10 going up to about £16 per hour. Some individuals have reported earning up to £35K gross per annum while working as an in-house proofreader.

Finding proofreading jobs and assignments
There are several ways to find proofreading jobs:
Advertise your proofreading business
Find a company which regularly requires the services of freelance proofreaders
Set up and promote a website which offers proofreading services
Registering with online companies that provide proofreading services
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