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Building better opportunities through freelance writing

Freelance Business Writers

Freelance writing has opened its doors to varied industries, professions, sectors and fields of study. To name a few, we could start with the information and communication technology industry with its users’ need for written content in the internet. The manufacturing and retailing sectors have also tapped the freelance work force to write their products’ manuals. But they are just the tip of the iceberg; there is a lot underneath.

The freelance writing industry has been contracted by other industries and professions to perform written and literary aspects of the practice of their professions and operation of their businesses. Most notable of them are the legal profession and research medicine. Still, there is more than what meets the eye as far as freelance writing would go.

Corporations, firms, sole proprietorships and other business companies now engage freelance business writers to perform internal and external written communication and writing requirements like company documents and files. More and more companies are doing so. These companies’ business writing requirements may be assigned to you by Prospect Solution.

Prospect Solution gives opportunities to both aspiring and experienced business writers. Discover and actually experience the advantages of the freelance business writer jobs we offer!

To cater to our dynamic business writing clients, we continuously welcome applicants. You may send your application and join our team if you meet the following requirements:

Business education or career background
Writing education or career background
Excellent research and analytical skills
Outstanding comprehension of current issues
Ability to choose commendable research materials and resources
Ability to conceptualise and independently process original ideas
Excellent command of spoken and written English

Be the next business writer to join our team and avail of outstanding advantages:

Freedom to choose your working hours, work load and projects.
Career opportunity to sharpen your business writing knowledge and skills.
Proper compensation for the level of qualification and dedication that you invest in your work.
Career fulfilment derived from knowing that your ideas and output reach a wide range of users that benefit

The industry updated rates we offer, coupled with the above mentioned advantages may be the opportunity you need in order to realise the plans and dreams you have for your professional and personal life.

Applying is as simple as filling up our online application form.