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Building better opportunities through freelance writing

Freelance Writing Tips

Getting and keeping freelance writing jobs takes more than just knowledge of the English language or the ability to write. Here are some freelance writing tips you can utilise to start your way to becoming a freelance writer:

Know that it takes more than just thorough knowledge of the language and writing skills to write well.
Freelance writers catering to an academic audience need several other skills, and two of the most important are research skills and analytical skills.
Always make use of an outline.
Outlining allows writers to gather all the information they wish to include in any written piece and put the thoughts in order as well. An outline gives a writer purpose and direction. Any freelance writer should know how to outline a written piece properly and stick to that outline as much as possible.
Writers should know their word count.
Always be aware of the length of the piece you are tasked to write. All writing jobs, be it for academic or literary pieces, come with specifications. Take note of the requirements set by the client. If the contract specifies having a word count of only 1,000 words, then stick to that.
Always make backups of your files.
Working with a word processor makes writing jobs very easy; however, computers are also prone to crashes or viruses. As a freelance writer, you should always protect your business and your output – always save your files and make regular backups.
Keep in touch with the support team.
The requirements may change, or the deadlines may be moved. Freelance writers should always stay in the loop. Communication is key especially when it comes to handling freelance writing jobs. Always know the status of the project, and always inform the support team of the status of your work. Are you running behind? Do you need more time to finish the project? Let your editor know!
Review, review, review!
Writers, including freelance writers, should always take the time to review, proofread and edit their works. This is probably one of the most important things a freelance writer can do. This does not mean taking over the individual handling the proofreading jobs for your output; however, it does help to know that you are releasing work that has been reviewed at least a couple of times.

Freelance writing for an academic audience is not easy. It requires skills – research, analysis, and of course, writing. It also requires diligence and a lot of discipline. Any individual aspiring to become a success in the freelance writing business should know what he or she is getting into. Taking on freelance writing jobs is not always lucrative; however, it can be very fulfilling when done right.

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