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Writer’s Performance Monitoring

Monitoring the performance and appraising the quality of work of employees help boost their productivity as well as develop their potentials to the fullest. For any organisation such as Prospect Solution, the freelance writer’s job performance is given utmost attention and importance because it serves as the key to the organisation’s success. A system for monitoring the freelance writer's job performance allows employees to show evidence of their work and contributions to the business's success. This page discusses a normal template for standard – a process which may be used to monitor and appraise the freelance writer’s job performance.

Managing a freelance writer’s performance is a continuous, two-way process; it should be a fair and consistent system. Having a two-way appraisal system in place helps improve communication between the organisation and its employees – both the freelance writer and the organisation (in the person of the writer’s direct supervisor) will be able to address their respective concerns and come up with realistic goals and expectations for performance improvement.

All freelance writers go through four stages of performance:

First Stage
Setting clear goals. Freelance writers have to set clear goals for themselves; these goals should reflect their roles within the organisation.

Second Stage
Providing relevant resources. A freelance writer should have appropriate and relevant resources which may be used to support him in achieving the goals set in the first stage.

Third Stage
Reviewing the achievement of goals.The goals set in the first stage of the process should undergo review regularly; for example, within a monthly basis. This is done to review the goals as well as to evaluate the freelance writer’s efforts in terms of achieving the goal and in taking corrective measures in case of a failure.

Fourth Stage
Formal appraisal. The freelance writer’s performance within a single year should be assessed. The results of such an assessment may lead to recognition of the writer’s achievements or even a much-deserved promotion. Goals for the succeeding year should also be set at this stage of the process.

The process should address the following issues as well:

The freelance writer’s over-achievement or under-achievement
Any negotiation for freelance writer rate adjustment; and
The identification of any opportunity for progression or development

The appraisal, to be most effective, should be carried out by the freelance writer’s direct superior. Both the writer and the manager or supervisor concerned should be aware how the process works. Both should also make sure their expectations are clearly defined at the start of the appraisal.

All freelance writers at Prospect Solution undergo regular job performance appraisals. We conduct these appraisals in order to help our writers and our business improve – we want to give our writers a chance to grow career-wise, both in their skills and in their pay grades.