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Building better opportunities through freelance writing

Freelance Academic Writers

A lot of people have heard of freelance academic writers. Working as a freelance academic writer seems like an excellent way to earn money or have a supplement to one’s full time job. Working as a freelance writer also sounds like an easy job. However, a lot of people are unaware of the difficulties that come with landing that first freelance academic writing job – the one that gets your foot on the door and allows you to establish a name for yourself in the industry. This is where Prospect Solution may be of help.

Prospect Solution offers freelance writing jobs to talented individuals who possess the necessary academic knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of a mostly academic customer base.

As a freelance academic writer for Prospect Solution, you get the opportunity to improve your own academic knowledge and skills, apply your expertise in your chosen field of specialisation, and at the same time, provide much needed assistance to those who need it.

We are actively looking for people who can write academic essays and other pieces for us on a freelance basis. To become part of our team, you need to have the following skills:

Comprehensive and thorough knowledge on the field or subject of specialisation
Knowledge of common referencing styles
Excellent research and analytical skills
Outstanding comprehension of current issues
Ability to choose relevant and appropriate research resources and materials
Ability to present ideas clearly and coherently
Ability to think uniquely and independently
Fluent in English, articulate and able to write well in English

If you meet all of the following requirements, then we would like to hear from you! Become part of our team and enjoy excellent benefits:

Control your own work load and work hours; work only on projects that hold your interest.
Enhance your academic knowledge and skills.
Earn well and maintain your work-life balance.
Help others who need assistance in academic writing tasks.

We offer competitive freelance writer rates and give our freelance academic writers the opportunity to grow with our team. What more are you waiting for? Join our team of freelance academic writers, hand in your application and become a part of Prospect Solution.

To apply, simply complete our online application form. You may also find out more about Prospect Solution by , clicking here.