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Freelance Medical Writer

The medical field has the most varied specialisations than other professions. From pharmaceutical to highly-specialised sub-fields, it is quite a daunting task for any freelance medical writer to come up with high-quality medical write-ups. Moreover, medical articles and documents have to be very accurate and detailed with specific and highly technical terminologies since it often involves our health and life itself.

Prospect Solution has long been providing such high-quality writing results. We owe our solid reputation in delivering high-quality writing services through our excellent team of writers and researchers. We have a medical writer in nearly every medical specialization; handling medical writing jobs for hospitals and even companies that do medical research and development.

We are currently looking for medical writers to add to our pool of top writers. To become a part of our medical writing team, we require the following:

Comprehensive and thorough knowledge on the field of specialisation
Knowledge of common referencing styles
Excellent research and analytical skills
Ability to choose relevant and appropriate research resources and materials
Ability to present ideas clearly and coherently
Ability to think uniquely and independently
Fluent, articulate and able to write well in English

At Prospect Solution, we believe that a well compensated writer is a productive and dependable writer. Our medical writing jobs come with the most comprehensive and competitive benefits in the writing industry, some of which are:

Control your own work load and work hours; work only on projects that hold your interest.
Enhance your academic knowledge and skills.
Earn well and maintain your work-life balance.
Help others who need assistance in academic writing tasks.

If you believe that you can meet our requirements, then what are you waiting for? Apply now! Take advantage of our freelance medical writing jobs and enjoy the benefits of working for one of the fastest and leading company offering writing services.